Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Impact of EdCampNOV8

I'm sitting here this morning in my second session of EdCampNOV8. It's my first experience with the edcamp style professional development and I must it's made quite an impact.  Those who know me, know I am slightly organized, zoom-focused and a tad bit OCD.  Just a tad.  The thought of coming here to the "unconference" piqued my curiousity. Just how do you organize an event where you don't know what the sessions will be? Who's presenting? How long will it last?  My OCD and spreadsheets were ready to take over. 

I will say I was pleasantly surprised at the chaotic organization what resulted in meaningful professional development sessions and intentional learning for educators.  It's led me to pondering how can I adopt this style of professional development for my own staff.  How can I give them meaningful learning opportunities that will positively impact the classroom? That's the purpose of professional development - to move classroom instruction to be the best it can be. 

Of course, there is much to be thought through. How will I balance the needs of "nuts and bolts" of August PD with this style of learning? I have always felt that the August PD days on my campus set the tone for the upcoming school year which brings about another balance - how do I ensure that tone is set? What is my desired outcome and how will it impact the classroom?

With my first Edcamp being less than half over, I am filled with ideas and motivation!  Thank you #EdCampNOV8


  1. EdcampNOV8 is my 2nd edcamp and I'm hooked. The experts are truly in the building. Enjoyed your post and thoughts.

  2. Wondering if we can do a Dual Campus PD in August? Or maybe use the new group feature in Skype or Google Hangout?